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Exclusively Roasted For Lykki by Caribeans Coffee Roasters

Locally Roasted

Our Caribeans Coffee Roasters coffees are roasted in micro batches in Vancouver by a small artisanal coffee roaster. Our Master Roaster is committed to blending formulas and recipes for our Caribeans Coffee line to ensure consistent high quality coffee for each blend.

Quality Coffee Without Compromise

All of our green coffees must be specialty grade 82 and above by SCA grading We independently verify all pre-selected coffees meet or exceed our standard through cupping conducted by our certified quality grader. Next we roast them to different roast levels to determine the best profile for that bean. We focus on providing you perfectly roasted micro lot coffees from interesting origins.

CaribeansSmart Roasting

80% less fuel is burnt in our roasting process compared to traditional coffee roasting technology. We use Loring Smart-roasters which use a single burning system where the heat created by the environmental control system is also used to heat the roaster. Our roasters are highly efficient compared to traditional roasters.

Exceptional Value

Delicious Artisanal Coffee roasted locally in small batches might sound expensive. Caribeans Coffee offers four exceptional coffee blends at a reasonable price that competes bean for bean on flavor, freshness and quality to more expensive coffee brands.

Environmental Sustainability

10% of the gross profit from Caribeans coffee purchases directly supports our coastal ecosystem thru two wonderful and impactful organizations. Pacific Streamkeepers Federation helps to train people in the proper management and care of natural salmon spawning habitat. Ocean Legacy Foundation retrieve, recycle, and map plastic pollution in our oceans.

Direct Trade

We know who farms our coffee. Every year our roasting partners travel to meet the people who farm the coffee that we use and try to find ways to engage in mutually beneficial trade. Not only that, members of the Arinagata co-op in Aceh Indonesia came all the way to Canada to visit our roasting plant.

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