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TEAJA Office offers a line of the highest quality organic loose leaf teas for your office. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, TEAJA sources and blends a unique range of certified organic teas, including functional wellness blends, designed specifically for the office environment. TEAJA's attractive office display allows your employees to scoop from a variety of tea canisters and mix and match flavours to create unique individual tea bags for each brewing.

We believe that once you make the switch to organic loose leaf teas, you will never go back to tea bags again. TEAJA's loose leaf teas are always sourced for their superior quality and purity. Being 100% Organic ensures that each cup of TEAJA tea is naturally beneficial and free from chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. By choosing TEAJA tea you are not only choosing a superior product for your workplace, but also helping to protect our environment by supporting sound and sustainable farming and manufacturing practices.

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• TEAJA is the most economical way to provide the highest quality organic tea to your office. Each ½ pound bag provides 130 servings of tea. Costs are as low as 30¢ per cup!

• With TEAJA, you can customize your tea experience. Mix and match to create your own custom mix of loose leaf tea and herbal blends.

• Loose leaf tea for superior quality and flavour, blended by TEAJA's expert tea master with over 20 years experience.

• TEAJA is eco-triendly. All TEAJA loose leaf teas are organic, free from chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, and ethically sourced. TEAJA teabags are unbleached, biodegradable and 100% compostable. No excess packaging.

Ask us about how to qualify for a FREE TEAJA Office Experience kit in your office, including modular tea rack, reusable loose leaf tea canisters, tea scoop, and compostable filters.

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